Sugar Me Desserterie provides a wide range of delicious cookies, pastries and confections.

Most are available in our shop, on a walk-in basis.

We specialize in custom orders, created to make your occasion or event one of a kind. Be sure to order ahead for larger quantities!


French Macarons
$1.50 each/$18.00 per dozen

Small Cookies
Tiffany Rings
Chocolate Chunk Shortbread
Butter Cookies
Mexican Wedding Cookies
Jam Thumbprints*
Coconut Macaroons
$1.00 each/$11.50 per dozen

Large Cookies
Chocolate Chip Nirvana
Oatmeal Trail Mix
Chocolate Truffle Cookies
$2.50 each
Ginger Molasses
Sugar Lime
Flourless Peanut Butter
$2.00 each

Brownies & Bars
Salted Fudge Brownies
Bourbon Pecan Blondies
Lemon Bars
Irish Shortbread Toffee Bars
$3.95 each
Turtle Brownies
$4.25 each

Jumbo Cupcakes
$4.50 each/$48.00 per dozen

Standard Size Cupcakes
$2.50 each/$26.00 per dozen

Mini Cupcakes
$1.00 each/$11.50 per dozen

Large Cream Puffs  $2.95 each
Mini Cream Puffs  $1.50 each
Large Eclairs  $3.95 each
Mini Eclairs  $1.95 each
Oh Oh's  $2.50 each
Whoopie Pies  $3.25

Chocolate Covered Strawberries  $1.50 each
Peanut Butter Hearts   $1.25 each
Peppermint Patties  $1.25 each